Conservative dentistry and endodontics

We bet that you keep your teeth

They are the set of treatments that allow to preserve natural teeth and prevent tooth extraction.

Conservative dentistry deals with the restoration of the hard tissues of the tooth that have been destroyed by cavities, trauma or alterations in the development of the tooth.

At vilarrasa dental clinic we use minimally invasive treatments to guarantee a useful life in the affected teeth.

Specialists in conservative dentistry and endodontics

Our experts in endodontics have received qualified training in this specialty and have extensive experience and recognition for their ability to resolve the most complex nerve treatments.


Dental filling (filling)

It consists of restoring the entire part of a tooth that has been affected by decay.


It is performed when the tooth is extensively affected by a bacterial infection that has reached the dental pulp (untreated cavities), leaks through old fillings, trauma or even severe periodontal diseases.

Inlay / crowns

They are used to protect the tooth from the forces of chewing when it has been extensively destroyed by decay. The laboratory manufactures us of resistant and aesthetic materials.

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