Our team

A highly qualified and specialized team works in our dental clinics in Barcelona and Girona.


Dr. Xavier Chacón

Conservative dentistry, prosthetics and aesthetics

Dra. Mar López


Dra. Raquel Torrents

Pediatric dentistry

Dr. Manu Legaz

Prosthetics and aesthetics

Dra. Andrea Aguilar

Endodontics and Conservative Dentistry

Auxiliaries and Hygienists

Professionals with a very complete training and years of experience, in constant continuous training. And always with a kindness and an exquisite treatment towards the patient.

Paqui Gómez

Aroa Carmona

Ingrid Martínez

Cristina Alcover

Sara Vericat

Dailin Urbizo

Diana Martinez

Laura Julià

Gloria Zelaya

Reception and Administration

Isabel Sánchez

Verònica Barragán