Minor oral surgery

Surgically improves small defects in the gums, bones and teeth

What is minor oral surgery?

Oral surgery is the specialty that is responsible for diagnosing and treating gum, tooth and bone defects surgically.

Minimally invasive

Dr. Javi vilarrasa, the specialist in periodontics and implants, uses microsurgical instruments, magnifying glasses and minimally invasive techniques that allow working with high precision and guarantee an excellent surgical result.

When is a gum graft necessary?

A gum graft may be necessary when there are recessions of the gum with exposure of the tooth root. Using minimally invasive techniques, an adequate quality and quantity of gingiva can be returned to the tooth / s to maintain gingival health, as well as reverse sensitivity or aesthetic problems.

Crown length

It allows to leave more surface of the tooth exposed. It can be indicated in cases with an aesthetic objective where there is an excess of gingiva or in situations that require a restorative solution due to the existence of a caries or fracture under the gum.

Teeth fenestrations included

It is a procedure that is performed before or during orthodontic treatment. When a tooth is attached (usually the canine), the gum and bone are uncovered to access the tooth. In this way, the orthodontist can place a bracket and move the tooth.

Micro screws

They are small screws that are used during orthodontic treatment. They are placed in the bone and serve as an anchor to move the teeth.


Drs. Vilarrasa are one of the few experts who perform this type of treatment both in the city of gerona and in barcelona. Corticotomies facilitate and simplify orthodontic movement. These innovative techniques help and accelerate the orthodontic movement, as well as having the possibility of simultaneously improving the quality and quantity of bone and gingiva through grafts.

Extractions of judgment wheels

They are done when the wisdom tooth does not have enough room to erupt. On many occasions it can cause an inflammation and infection of the gum that generates pain or cavities in the adjacent tooth.


It allows to eliminate a localized infection in the bone around the tip of the tooth root. In addition, the root tip is also sealed to prevent reinfection of the tooth.


It consists of carefully trimming the lip or tongue frenulum to avoid future gum problems. It is indicated in those cases in which there is a hypertrophic frenulum that generates a problem in the gum that surrounds the tooth, hinders the mobility of the lip or tongue or hinders the closure of the orthodontic space of diastemas.

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