Course in mucogingival surgery at Societat Catalana d’Odontoestomatologia.

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Course in mucogingival surgery

Last Saturday, March 5, 2022, Dr. Javi Vilarrasa, taught a theoretical and practical course in mucogingival surgery at the SCOE facilities. The course, organized by Osteogenos, included 22 students who learned the key factors for successfully treating gingival recessions. In addition, they were able to put into practice the knowledge acquired, using microsurgery material provided by Osteogenos, a leading company in the production and marketing of biomaterials. Gingival recessions are defects in the gums that need treatment when they cause an aesthetic problem, sensitivity or rapid progression. Dr. Javi Vilarrasa, a specialist in Periodontics and Implantology at Vilarrasa Dental Clinic, was able to show more than 20 clinical cases treated at the clinic that illustrated the clinical factors necessary to obtain an excellent result in root coverage and the improvement in the aesthetics and comfort of brushing by the patient. The course was a great success. We can only thank all the participants and especially Osteogenos for the magnificent organization.