Dental cleaning without pain thanks to AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master.

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Have you ever been too lazy to do a dental cleaning because of the sensitivity it can cause? In this post we explain how we can reverse this sensitivity thanks to the new acquisition of an effective and exclusive device.

Dental hygiene or cleaning are treatments focused on the prevention of oral problems. With dental hygiene we remove bacterial plaque and dental calculus (or calculus) that cause tooth decay and periodontal problems such as gingivitis or periodontitis (or pyorrhea).

At Vilarrasa Clínica Dental we attach great importance to the prevention of problems that may arise in the mouth. This is why we recommend dental cleanings with a certain frequency depending on the risk profile of each patient. However, a good percentage of patients do not follow these recommendations due to the sensitivity they suffer from. A sensitivity that increases during hygiene due to the vibration and the temperature of the water.

To improve the comfort and reduce the sensitivity of our patients during dental hygiene, we have incorporated Vilarrasa Clinica Dental | Girona the AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master. This new device, developed in Switzerland by the EMS research center, has high precision and an excellent design. One of the great advantages it presents is the water heating system to receive a warm and comfortable treatment, as well as it also allows to remove bacterial plaque and dental stains very effectively.