What advantages can orthodontic treatment offer you? Our orthodontic specialist, Dr. Jordi Vilarrasa, explains it to you.

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What advantages can orthodontic treatment offer you? Our orthodontic specialist, Dr. Jordi Vilarrasa, explains it to you.

Orthodontics is the specialty of dentistry that deals with the diagnosis, prevention and correction of developmental disorders, the shape of the dental arches and the position of the teeth in both adults and children. But orthodontics is much more than moving teeth! Our orthodontic specialist, Dr. Jordi Vilarrasa, explains the 5 main benefits that orthodontic treatment can offer you:

 1. A smile without complexes

Undoubtedly, aesthetics is one of the reasons why adults and young people want to wear orthodontics. And it is that with well-placed teeth it will not only improve your smile but also the expression of the face. You will definitely feel much more confident with yourself and you will be able to smile from ear to ear.

2. Easier to clean teeth

Crowding of the teeth is also one of the reasons why you visit the orthodontist. This condition makes hygiene much more complicated and inflammation develops in the gum. Therefore, when the teeth are already well positioned after orthodontics, hygiene is much easier and the prognosis of the teeth is much more favorable in the long term.

3. More comfort when chewing

Bad teeth gear or missing teeth can hamper your ability to chew and eat. Orthodontics is capable of placing the teeth in a position where they fit perfectly in order to have a correct chewing function. And in patients who have lost teeth, it allows us to upright the remaining teeth in order to replace missing teeth with implants or a ceramic bridge.

4. A good ally for problems in the temporomandibular joint (TMJ)

Dental malocclusions can have certain consequences on the general health of the patient, such as excessive pressure on the temporomandibular joint. This overload in the TMJ can increase the risk of suffering from migraines, headaches or even ear pain. Orthodontic treatment, which is sometimes necessary to combine with orthognathic surgery to resolve certain malocclusions, leads to an improvement in the position of the TMJ and in symptoms.

5. Key element in solving phonetic, swallowing and breathing problems

 The position of the teeth plays a fundamental role in speech, swallowing and breathing. The improvement of the position of the teeth with the orthodontic treatment, together with the work of the speech therapist, allows correcting certain speech problems (i.e. whispering), swallowing and even breathing thanks to a new position of the teeth. teeth and dental arches.

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